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New Graduate

The engineers of No.1 Solutions will provide high quality system development that is resistant to change.

New graduate employment for No.1 Solutions Inc.

We are hiring IT engineers.
We are planning to hire about 4 people to join us in April of 2021. Opportunities for all from various majors and backgrounds.

Our management philosophy is to “bring out the best in people.”
This is because we believe that discovering and nurturing the potential of each employee and creating an environment where they can demonstrate their abilities is a major factor in the growth of our company.
We look forward to working with people who share similar values of No.1 Solutions and have the desire to acquire technical skills.
To join our company, please apply from the following page.

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Mid-career employment for No.1 Solutions Inc.

We are hiring recent graduates and mid-career professionals.
For job details and application qualifications, please check the job description below.

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