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Character AI Platform

Overview of ihuman

Using advanced avatar generation and natural language processing technologies, ihuman enables two-way interaction with realistic facial expressions, allowing natural communication with users and creating a deep connection with them as if they were talking to a human.

Through this innovative human interface, your business can capture the hearts and minds of your customers and deliver an experience that exceeds their expectations. ihuman will help you solve the challenges of understaffing, uncover unknown customer needs, dramatically increase customer satisfaction, and take your business to new heights.

Features of ihuman

Smooth response

ihuman’s AI can interact with you at a speed that is as close to normal conversation as possible.

The average response time from the end of speech recognition to the generation of sentences by the AI is in the 1 second range.

Prompts and Fine Tuning

Applying the most appropriate prompts to the AI allows it to respond with uniqueness.

Fine tuning can also be used to securely manage training data and improve response quality.

High-quality characters

We can provide you with our own unique characters. We can also customize your company’s unique characters for VRM (Visual) and provide characters with natural pronunciation.


ihuman’s system can securely manage personal information and filter sensitive information.

It is also possible to prevent prompts and images from leaking.

application scenarios of i.human

Stores x AI

In-store applications are a new approach to growing your business and improving the customer experience. Interactive AI can provide consistent information, such as answering customer questions and showing product details. It can also provide personalized product suggestions based on the customer’s purchase history and preferences, thereby increasing the probability of purchase and improving Life Time Value (LTV).

Education x AI

Avatars can play the role of coach or teacher to provide the best education for each student. The interactive AI can learn from highly rated teachers to provide the best education.

Youtuber x AI

Through the use of generative AI, Youtubers can improve interaction with viewers in real time and provide a personalized experience. AI analysis can also identify and optimize popular content to increase Life Time Value (LTV) and drive industry growth.

Online Games x AI

By incorporating AI into online games and the metaverse space, it is possible to provide optimal suggestions, UI displays, and recommendations for each individual game user. This will lead to improved customer satisfaction.