Jul 16, 2019

Developed “Coinity” community currency building system

No.1 Solutions, a blockchain development company, has developed a community currency building system called “Coinity”, and after nine months of test operation, it is ready for commercialization. We are releasing it as a community currency building system that can be used by companies, schools, and local communities.

Effective in improving engagement within the community

Coinity, a community currency building system, is a system that can revitalize communities such as businesses and local communities using a token economy mechanism. One of the issues common to each community is engagement. If the criteria for evaluation of people belonging to each community and the index of their contribution are unclear, engagement will not increase, and the community will not grow.
In order to solve these current issues, we have developed a community currency building system and conducted in-house demonstration tests. After 9 months of test operation, we found that the system improved employee engagement by increasing motivation, making evaluations easier to understand, and so on. The service has been commercialized as a community currency building system for companies and other organizations.

Three Features of Coinity

The “Coinity” community currency system has three features that reduce installation costs and create a more secure environment.

1. Low cost of introduction

By using a generic template, a community currency system can be built at a low cost.

2. More secure environment

We have developed technologies such as BCAuth (patent pending) and D-CDN (patent pending) using blockchain technology. By using blockchain technology to realize the authentication functions and coins used in Coiniti’s wallets, a more secure environment can be created.

3. Linkage with other services is possible

It will be possible to integrate with messaging applications, making it easier for users to communicate with each other.

Promotion of introduction for schools and municipalities

The community currency building system “Coinity” can be used not only by companies, but also by schools and local governments. The system can be customized and introduced according to the characteristics and scale of the community.

Coinity detail page

Coinity, a community currency building service

The full text of the press release can be downloaded here.
Developed a community currency building system “Coinity” to support increased engagement.

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