Jan 15, 2019

Japan’s first technology to use blockchain in CDN and server monitoring Aiming for commercialization around spring 2019

No.1 Solutions, a blockchain development business, has developed a service that uses blockchain technology for content delivery networks (CDNs) and server monitoring, with the aim of commercializing the two technologies around spring 2019. A patent application was filed in December 2018.

■Use of blockchain technology’s tamper-resistance for non-finance-related applications
Currently, blockchain technology is primarily used for the development of cryptographic assets (virtual currency). Many companies are focusing on its use in finance-related and user authentication. The reason for this is that it is difficult to tamper with information.

We have focused on using the blockchain’s characteristic tamper-resistance as a CDN or server monitoring. This is the first use of blockchain technology in this way in Japan.

The following two products based on blockchain technology are under development by our company.
1. D-CDN: No dedicated server required for election voting, personal score inquiries, and web-based testing

D-CDN is a dynamic CDN (content delivery network). CDN is a mechanism that stores images and videos mainly on the website itself on multiple servers and delivers them at high speed from the server closest to the user. In the past, when dynamic programs were required, such as login and voting functions or web-based testing, a separate dedicated server had to be built and tampering countermeasures were required.
With D-CDN technology, login and voting functions and web-based testing can be implemented without the need to build a dedicated server. It also prevents tampering with voting and testing results.
In the future, it is envisioned that the system can be used for election voting and web-based testing.

2. Remote local monitoring: Realization of external monitoring in a secure environment
This is a monitoring service for servers and network equipment. Using blockchain technology, it is possible to monitor from the outside while maintaining a more secure environment. Normally, for external monitoring, a major port number is used to create an environment that can be accessed from the outside. This port number is called a security hole and is a route through which others can enter. For this reason, monitoring from the outside is difficult, and an in-house monitoring team may be created to perform monitoring.

Remote local monitoring opens only dedicated port numbers, not the main port number. External monitoring uses blockchain technology, which makes it difficult to tamper with information. External monitoring is possible in a more secure environment.
The implementation of this system can reduce costs for some companies, as they can consolidate their monitoring teams outside the company.
This is a breakthrough technology for banks and telecommunications companies.
After commercialization, “D-CDN” will be offered to hosting service companies for use as a voting mechanism, a page with an authentication function, and a test page on the Web. Remote Local Monitoring” will be promoted to industries that are difficult to monitor from the outside, such as the financial and telecommunications industries.

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Japan’s first technology to use blockchain in CDN (Content Delivery Network) and server monitoring Aiming for commercialization around spring 2019 -Two technologies are patent pending