Jan 30, 2018

No.1 Solutions Inc. Was Awarded the “WOMAN’s VALUE AWARD 2018” Excellence Award

No.1 Solutions Inc. has been selected as the winner of the Excellence Award in the ICT category at the WOMAN’s VALUE AWARD 2018 (Sponsored by WOMAN’s VALUE AWARD Secretariat / Career Bijin Inc. and co-sponsored by Telecom Service Association supported by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), which is given to “companies that discover the value of women.”

The WOMAN’s VALUE AWARD 2018 aims to honor companies that are truly discovering the value of women or companies that are trying to do so. Approximately 10,000 female students registered on “Job Hunting Beauty,” a job hunting website for career-oriented female students, and casted their votes for the top 30 companies to receive the Excellence Award.

Based on our management philosophy of “bring out the best in people,” we focus on creating an environment where each individual can discover their own potential, grow, and fully demonstrate their abilities. The IT industry is still dominated by male engineers, but we want to create an era where women can play an active role as a matter of course, so we have been focusing on the education of female engineers. To ensure that even those with no experience can steadily acquire IT skills and play an active role, we strive to provide technical training for IT engineers, a system that makes it easy to ask questions, and an environment that eliminates anxiety and allows them to concentrate on their work.

In recognition of these efforts, we were selected for the Excellence Award in the ICT category of the WOMAN’s VALUE AWARD 2018. We will continue to promote our efforts to create a society where women and men can coexist and all human resources can play an equally active role.