Oct 16, 2018

Developed the Blockchain Authentication System BC Auth to Prevent Leakage of Personal Information

No.1 Solutions Inc. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo; CEO Tetsuo Omorai; hereinafter referred to as our company), which is a system developing company, has developed “BC Auth“, an authentication system that does not require the registration of personal information, utilizing blockchain technology.

Service Name: “BC Auth”

The one-time token authentication system with owner authority, utilizing blockchain technology, is a next-generation authentication system that is more secure and convenient than conventional authentication methods. In the future, we will promote the linkage with various services.

Background of the Development of BC Auth

Recent leaks of personal information have been caused by the storage of personal information on servers.
In addition to the use of IDs and passwords, conventional technology uses one-time passwords and other methods to protect personal information with more secure authentication systems.

However, personal information is still stored on servers and there is still a risk of personal information leakage.

As a technology to prevent the leakage of personal information, our company has focused on blockchain technology and started the development of a next-generation authentication system.

The newly developed BC Auth is an authentication system that does not require the registration of personal information.

The hash value of a user-generated random number can be stored in an authorized blockchain to authenticate a specific service. This provides an authentication system that is both robust and more convenient for the user (patent pending, “Patent Application 2018-159648”).

Features of Web Services Using BC Auth

1. Authenticate users without the need to register personal information

Without storing personal information (IDs, passwords, names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) on servers, users can be identified using only limited blockchain data. This makes it possible to provide and use services without managing personal information.

2. Secure authentication with one-time tokens

A one-time token with authority is used to authenticate users by setting a different password each time. Temporary login, login with a limited number of times, two-step authentication, and access to multiple web services with a single sign-on function are also possible.

3. Improved convenience in terminal authentication

Authentication of terminals used in a specific corporate network can be performed automatically upon access by centralized blockchain management. Users do not need to remember passwords or the order of character strings.

Exhibit at Fintech & Blockchain 2018

We will be exhibiting at Nikkei XTECH EXPO 2018 Fintech & Blockchain (Tokyo Big Sight) on October 17-19. At the exhibition booth, we will introduce two solutions using BC Auth.

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Developed the Blockchain Authentication System “BC Auth” to Prevent Leakage of Personal Information